The Egypt Game

Welcome to Egypt

Website by: Kira G., Haley B., Cameron M., and Shelby S.
Ida Price Middle School
January 14, 2011

In this book, The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder, you will go on an exciting adventure with April, Melanie, Marshall, Toby, Elizabeth, and Ken to the mysterious land of Egypt. When mysterious things start to happen the Egypt game really heats up!

Even though the Egypt games had its ups and downs it just keeps getting bigger and better. More and more people start to join and they really put their heads together to solve mysteries and crimes.

Marshall, Melanie, April, Toby, Elizabeth, and Ken really get into character when they take you to the land of Egypt! Read the book and solve mysteries with the mischievous characters. 

P.S. You should probably read the book before you go any further:)