The Egypt Game

Thinking Cap Questions

Chapter 1-4, Pages 3-41 
 1. Why do you think April tried to be all fancy and show off, because she lived in Hollywood and her mom was a singer?
2. What do you think is going to happen in chapter five, just by using the title of the chapter and the information from the chapters we read? 
3. Why can only Melanie make April act like her real self?
4. What do you think the conclusion of the book will be?
5. Why were Melanie, April, and Marshall sneaking around town at the end?

Chapters 5-8, Pages 42-79  
6. How do you think April felt after not being able to picture her mother clearly, and only being able to see "a blur of laughter, talk, movement, and color?
7. Why do you think to of the "biggest wheels" in class would even bother noticing April and giving her nicknames? Do you think they will befriend her?
8. How do you think April feels about Elizabeth joining the Egypt Game?
9. Do you believe that the Professor is innocent or guilty of the crime of murdering those two children of the neighborhood?
10. What do you think will happen  in the next couple of chapters you'll read in The Egypt Game?  

Chapters 9-12, Pages 80-113
11. Do you think Elizabeth should have offered Ken and Toby the chance to join the game?Why or why not?
12. Who do you think Marshall is talking about when he says, "Someone is watching us!"
13.  Why do you think the dads had to be shamed into chaperoning the trick-or -treat group?
14. Do you think Mr. Kamata joined the chaperon group because he knew his son was a trouble maker?
15. If you were in Ken and Toby's position would you join the game or fink on the girls?

Chapters 13-16, Pages 114-150
16. What do you think would have happened if the two boys didn't return to Egypt?
17. In the last chapter who do you think is watching the Egyptians?
18. Why do you think that Marshal didn't want to tell who was watching the game?
19. Judging by the next chapter's name "The Oracle Speaks," what do you think will happen.
20. Why do you think Security is so important in the story?

Chapters 17-23, Pages 151-215
21. Do you think that they will move there "game" somewhere else? Or will it stay the same?
22. When April got attacked what things to you think she was thinking or feeling?
23. Why do you think the Professor store start getting busy after the murderer was found?
24. What do you think Elizabeth, Marshall, Melanie, April, Toby, and Ken are going to do now that there secret is kind of revealed?
25. How did you like the results of the book? Was it what you expected?