The Egypt Game


1.   Haughty (pg.29)Disdainfully proud
2.   Stole (pg.33)
the neck or a wide scarf
3.   Monoliths (pg.35)
a single great stone often in the form of a monument or column
4.   Omen (pg.38)
an event or phenomenon believed to be a sign or warning of a future occurence
5.   Drastic (pg.39)
6.   Syrians (pg.40)
the spies of Egypt
7.   Corrugated (pg.43)
to have many wrinkles or groves
8.   Heir (pg.45)
someone who is going to inherit an object such as a throne
9.   Isis (pg.45)
the Egyptian goddess of love and kindness
10. Set (pg.45)
the Egyptian god of evil
11. Pharaoh (pg.46)
an Egyptian king
12. Soberly (pg.47)
seriously or grave in mood or disposition
13. Quavered (pg.85)
tremble or trill
14. Ad-libbed (pg.86)
speak without preparation
15. Exasperated (pg.92)
thoroughly annoy
16. Liable (pg. 94)
legally obligated
17. Convulsions (pg.95) 
violent involuntary muscle contraction
18. Doubly (pg.96)
to twice the degree
19. Sidled (pg.114)
to move sideways or obliquely. To edge along furtively
20. Balefully (pg.116)
Miserably; full of menacing or malign influences
21. Deciphered (pg.124)
to discover the meaning; understand
22. Kook (pg.129)
an eccentric; strange; foolish person; insane
23. Oracle (pg.142)
a shrine or place at which such responses were given
24. Grotto (pg.153)
an artificial cave like structure
25. Counteraccusations (pg.156)
with an offense, to blame
26. Hazy (pg.185)
obscure/darkened or vague
27. Starry (pg.186)
a body that appears as a fitted point of light
28. Seclusion (pg.197)
the act of secluding or the state of being secluded
29. Alabaster (pg.200)
a fine lectured, white, and translucent gypsum often carved into objects (such as vases)